“I was so inspired by your talk, I decided that I want to share this experience with all women in my life. Each time I have attended your talk I have left inspired about another area in my life.”

(Ms Dudu Maseko – MD – Johannesburg Road Agency – South Africa)



“I never realised how closed I was. Listening to your talk opened my eyes and changed my life.”

(Professor Hiroyuki Nomoto – School of Social Sciences & Humanities – Tokyo Metropolitan University)



“After listening to your talk, I took actions to alter my life positively. Now I am clear what I want in life and I don’t have to tolerate what doesn’t work.”

(Ms Gina Mumba Chiwela – Program Development Manager – People’s Action Forum)



“Some people go to Hollywood to accomplish their dreams and become famous. They end up doing things different from what they came for and the Hollywood Boulevard turns into the Boulevard of broken dreams. You have had your challenges which could have made you stay on this boulevard of broken dreams too. But you walked your talk and turned it into a boulevard of living dreams for you and others. Hence you earned my deepest respect.”

(Lutz Braumann – Business consultant – South Africa)



“I almost have no words to say how you have touched my life. If anyone has not met Roxy, do yourself a favour and speak to her.”

(Robyn Banks – International Motivational Speaker – South Africa)


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