Tissue damage on the skin



Damaging UV rays

-  Damaging UV rays destroy active substances, that is needed to keep the cell healthy and in normal working order.

-  Destroyed or hurt cells appear on the surface of the skin as blemishes, pregnancy blemishes and cancer blemishes.

  • UV A – causes ageing and destroys elastin.
  • UV B – causes sunburn and pigmentation.
  • UV C – causes the biggest damage, like cancer.


Hormone imbalance

- Hormone imbalance caused mostly by the body itself.

- It can also be caused by pregnancy and contraceptive pills and injections.

- Hormone imbalance makes the skin hyper sensitive and more acceptable for damaging UV rays.

- Tissue damage forms easier on the skin.

- Influence on collagen and elastin.

- Oestrogen builds the skin – sensitivity and oiliness.

- Progesterone degrades the skin, resulting in ageing and dehydration.

Use of soap

- Most soaps have alkaline. Alkaline substances are chemicals that destroy the epidermis layer. Tissue damage occurs, and the skin is left hyper sensitive. The alkaline that is present in soap disturbs the normal pH of the skin. The normal, protective layer of the skin is high in acid. As soon as the acid mantle gets neutralized, the skin is more open for tissue damage.

Use of Vitamin E

- Vitamin E that is applied externally on the skin may cause contact dermatitis. It is a hyper allergic reaction on the skin where the epidermis layer peels. Skin gets hyper sensitive and tissue damage forms.


- Damages cells and can cause destruction of active ingredients like enzymes.

- Causes ageing.

- Reduces Vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C is needed for the absorption of Vitamin D in the skin.

- If vitamin D absorption is not possible, the collagen and elastin tissue lose their suppleness.

Damaging nutrients

- Damaging nutrients cause tissue damage in the form of skin cancer.

- Ingredients in a diet and in some skincare products can be poisonous substances, ie. Parabens. 

External Factors

- Exfoliators, alcohol, wind, air conditioners, heaters and air pollution cause tissue damage, because it damages the epidermis which is the protection layer of the skin.

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