Dangerous ingredients – SLS

More people are learning about DANGEROUS ingredients in Skin Care Products. Sodium Laureth Sulphate – SLS, is in a number of skin care products. Your cleanser may contain it, so check the label of ingredients. This ingredient is also found in detergents. It serves a great purpose in cleaning, and is used because it is effective in stripping grease. So the question then is, how can it be good for your skin…? Well it is good for the person who is making money from additional products you use to address the skin problems you have, caused by the ingredient.


When people come for a facial, I ask them how their skin feels after cleansing with their product, they express their reply with a facial movement indicating to me that their skin feels dry like it will crack, then they say ‘it feels like all the dirt and grime is off, therefore squeaky clean’. From the facial movement I can gather that their skin feels dry. I then add ‘like it will…’ they finish off ‘like it will crack, yeaaaaaah…!’ I then inform them about ingredients in products and what they do to their skin…then they question…


After cleansing with a product that contains SLS, your skin feels dry as if it will crack – most people say that ‘it feels clean’. NO… it is not a feeling of clean, it is a feeling of dryness and a stripped acid mantle, which prematurely exposes your cells to the environment.  


I then cleanse them with one of the cleansers in Roxy Marosa cleanser range that is suitable for thier skin type and skin condition, and they act as if I just gave them ice cream… I love ice cream… that is why it is my example. They love the gentle cleansing, and smooth feeling. Aaaand, no dirt and grime, with the acid mantle intact. When I ask them how their skin feels at this point, they express it with a gentle hand touch to their face. A BIG SMILE ON THEIR FACE… my joy…


The best part is that they go home and read the ingredients on the label of their products… and then the penny drops… They are even better infomed and can now make an infomed choice.

Google Sodium Laureth Sulphate and read about it.




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