Chat with Roxy

On this page we can chat. Register and obtain your password, giving you access to communicate with me and others whenever you want. Let me know the topics you would like covered, and I will do my best to have them covered and posted.

There are 2 subjects I believe are sensitive to people, and those are POLITICS and RRELIGION. I am not a politician, but perhaps other people can post their views. I also respect other’s religious views and I do not impose on anyone.

Remember now, no funny business hey…!



14 Responses to Chat with Roxy

  1. Phila Phila says:

    Hi Tsatsi

    I trust that you are well. I am sooooo excited about this and have already registered. looking forward to more and to the BIG announcement!!!

    Can’t wait!

    love Mathapelo

    • Roxy Roxy says:

      Hey Babygirl.

      I’m very well thank you. Great that now we can chat on my own site. How are you? I believe you were home at the same time when I was there. I stayed put and was just relaxed.

      Yes, the announcement will be soon. So keep watching, and send this webmail to people you know. The feedback I get is really great and I would love as many people as possible to benefit from the pieces I publish.

      How’s work and are you settled in?

      Keep in touch.

  2. Warren Warren Zwick says:

    Hey Roxy and friends -
    If you have any suggestions about the website or there is something you want to see on the website let me know and I will see what we can do about writing it in.

    Have a fantastic day

    • Roxy Roxy says:

      Hey Warren

      Thank you so much for this. How about the latest conversations be on the top. As it is now your post is the last one and it is at the bottom. Is it possible to reverse?

        • Roxy Roxy says:

          Yaaaay… Thanks Warren. I’ve been away and just returned, so back into swing again.

        • Roxy Roxy says:

          Hey Warren

          I trust you’re well. I had another brainwaive. Is it posible to have the list of people who have registered on the site to show for me as CONTACTS/ MEMBERS/ ADDRESS LIST? Maybe they can also leave a picture when they sign up (that is if they wish to.) If this is possible we can then send a message to those who are already signed up to update their contact details with a picture?

          • Warren Warren Zwick says:

            The users now have Avatars (picture of themselves)
            to add the picture they can edit their profile and on the bottom of the page is the option to upload an avatar or use the avatar from their twitter account.

  3. Tshepi Tshepi says:

    Hey Roxy! Am registered and will regularly catch up with you:)- have a blessed evening!

  4. Roxy Roxy says:

    Hey Berny girl. I have not been on FB much because I now have this tool to chat with people. So catch me on this page ok! Love you lots and stay beautiful baby girl. Tell mom to catch on here too. I’m in town next week, so will be lovely to see you guys. Mwaaaaa….!

  5. Roxy Roxy says:

    Hey Bolelang – It gives me joy to know that I can touch and heal an emotional wound. Thank you for the acknowledgement guy.

  6. Roxy Roxy says:

    Christoff – You are amazing man. That afternoon was a brilliant one. Where have you been? I’ve missed you. Our friend has just come back from his mountain climb. I’m sure you know all about it. Let’s catch up together. What do you say?

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