49 – NUMBER 2 not regular?



Are we unconscious or do we just choose to ignore all the information we have learnt through our life experiences. I think sometimes I just say ‘F YOU to it all I’ll just do what I want to do now’. There is so much information on being regular, but I swear – it’s like people hear ‘blah…blah…blah….blah’, and then say ’Yeah… tell me about the consequences that I know already, I’ll deal with them because I always do.’ But how silly is that…? Because if I experience any suffering afterwards I complain. Humans … humans…humans… we are the makers and teachers of detriments.


BEING REGULAR (yes, as in number 2)

I often hear people say… ‘Oh…I go twice a week or even three times for the most.’ They say this as a complaint in that moment, and then they make the funny face and hand throw, and in the middle of the conversation walk off with the last comment…’oh well’. Some people are so willing to put up with a digestive system that does not work, and then wonder why they have so much fatigue and excess weight.

If you have this problem – yes it is a problem, and WANT to be regular, here are some tips: (Speaking simple english)

  1. Each morning before eating anything, drink a glass of water, or as much water as you can take. The purpose here is not to quench a thirst, but rather to wet your intestines. The water or extra moisture allows the waste to drop further down to make it’s way out, although not immediately.
  2. After drinking water, when hungry eat a pear preferably a hard one. If you’re a big eater you can also have a bowl of BRAN CEREAL. A hard pear is a great roughage and it assists with the removal of waste out of your bowel. The bran cereal is high in fibre, and makes the removal of bowel even easier.
  3. Oranges are also a good vehicle for digested waste. You may have one before a meal. Because I love oranges, I usually have one before lunch and another before dinner if I’m at home. If you’re eating at a restaurant, have a salad as a starter.
  4. Remember now, drink water through the day. Green tea is also good in the assistance of bowel movement. I can hear the alcohol, fizzy drinkers and those who love sweet drinks like tea, coffee and juices starting to debate with this information. I don’t know the science of sugary fluids and will not attempt to explain how the fluid and the sugar work in our bodies (if you know please shed some light). But think about it yourself, the stuff added in the beverages are deposited somewhere in your body, adding weight to your body. Even though the fluids do leave your body, there is some mechanism that goes on that still has people have the problem of not being regular.




  1. Have water in the morning as the first intake, not necessarily to quench thirst but rather to assist your bowel movement.


  1. Eat a pear or orange as a first meal.


  1. If still hungry eat bran cereal.


  1. Drink water through the day.


  1. Eat roughage before a meal, like a fruit or a salad.



If you maintain this, your system WILL RELEASE WASTE EACH DAY, and may even release after each meal.





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  1. essayer essayer says:

    I can attest to drinking water. As soon as I jump out of bed, the first thing I do is drown 500ml-1lt of water, and believe you me by the time I finish brushing my teeth, I’m going to release before I take a bath. This has been working for me to the fact that if I don’t release before my bath I worry, because it has been a morn for me for so long. I know you already thinking, 500ml of water so early in the morning, and I wake up at 5h15………….but as time goes you get use to it, it becomes your little ritual, which helps your system in the process. I still haven’t got used to eating that pear, I have tried, but just feels so rough for my stomach, but daahhhhh:-)) that what’s suppose to be to help the removal of all that waste, but I haven’t given up, must just keep trying…………
    Thanks Rox for all the info and just being you……..

    Lots of love my tsala!!!!

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