48 – No scare so why worry NOW?

I met her on set again, after a year of working with her. Her beautiful long hair was shaven, and of course I wanted to know why she shaved her hair. Jovially she said ‘cancer unfortunately’. I suspected breast cancer but thought let me ask her, and I did, and she confirmed it was breast cancer. Later on we engaged on her current lifestyle, and she was confirming many lessons I had learnt in the recent years. A number of people I have been speaking to who have also undergone breast surgery, are now so aware of dangerous ingredients in products. But two weeks ago, I set with a woman who had undergone breast surgery due to cancer, and still had no clue about the harmful ingredients in products. I looked at her toiletry, and there they were. A lot of exactly what she should not be using. And she was never told. This is by no means to scare you, but rather to inform you.



The launch of The Roxy Marosa Show in 2008 blessed me with people whom I learned life long health lessons from. Amongst these valued lessons was a lesson on TOTAL SKIN HEALTH CARE for my skin. And since then, I have paid more attention to how my body functions and total care for it, and sometimes I failed at it. I have shared the lessons with a few people and friends in my circles. Most of them adopted these lessons and practice them. I am now sharing them with you, and trust that you will find value in them.


The foods we eat do not serve us 100%, and some of the results sometimes show on our skin. The products that we apply to our skin also sometimes prove detrimental to our skin, so it is important that you know how your skin and body functions, so that you use the best products to provide them with the best possible care.  When your skin does not look good or healthy, it may impact negatively on your confidence, and perhaps on your success in your interaction with people. The ugly truth is that we are a judgemental society.


YOUR SKIN – is the largest organ of your body, and is exposed to external weather factors and pollution. Your face is what people see first when they address you or you address them.



We know how our digestive system functions, similarly our body absorbs the ingredients of the products we apply on our skin (cleansers and creams). Our system then breaks down these ingredients to use what it uses, and then secretes the waste through our glands.



Until recent years, I never used to look at product ingredients, and therefore was used to the uncomfortable feeling after using certain products – every body experienced the same thing so it was nothing alarming or different, and anyway we have an answer for it.


To mention a few, I have learned about an ingredient namely Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), which is an agent that is dangerous for our skin. The ingredient is commonly used to strip grease off floors and surfaces in garages – google ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulphate’. This agent is found in a number of skin cleansers that we use daily. After cleansing your face with a cleanser that has SLS in it, your skin will feel tight and dry. The reason is that the SLS has stripped off your acid mantle, which is a thin layer of your skin which is necessary for elasticity and flexibility. Because your skin needs the flexibility and elasticity, each time your Acid Mantle is stripped off, you apply moisturiser almost immediately. Some people are so convinced about the products they use, they believe that a clean face has to have this tight ‘stripped’ feeling.


Other ingredients to look out for are parabens. These are artificial preservatives which are added to products. The danger about parabens is that your body cannot break them down, therefore they form tiny pockets and stay in your body. As I mentioned earlier, everything that goes into your body will be secreted. THAT IS JUST THE BIOLOGY OF YOUR SYSTEM. What IS NOT SECRETED and stays in your body may and will cause harm in the long run.


Most of the women I spoke to who had undergone breast cancer surgery, learned that they had to stay away from products which have artificial ingredients.



For cleansing and application, use products that are SLS free and paraben free. Use deodorants instead of antiperspirants. Note that some deodorants will be written antiperspirant – don’t use this. Antiperspirants (message is – do not perspire) block your sweat ducts, which stops your glands from secreting the waste. So although you ‘stay fresh’ the whole day or even up to three days, you are busy creating a factory of waste, which at a point will have to be cut open to remove the waste. It may not bother you now. Speak to people who have undergone a breast cancer operation and they will tell you the advice they received on what product ingredients to stay away from.



This is by no means for you to study like you’re going to write an exam. But I think rather focus and stay away from the ‘DANGEROUS INGREDIENTS’, even if these healthy ingredients are in the product.


Bladderwrack, Burdock, Clematis, Horse Chestnut, Horsetail, Ivy, Lemon, Marigold, Queen Meadows, Sage,  Soapwort, Water Cress, Arnica, Cucumber, Eldertree, The mallow plant, Pellitory, Chamomile, Cronflower, Linden, Matricaria, St John’s Wort




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