47 – Mommy, sex is for grown ups.


She got into my bed to snuggle next to me. She knows I don’t like any noise in the morning, including talking to anyone. After a while laying wide awake next to me she thought it was long enough now to start chatting. I said to her ‘honey please’, by that meaning ‘quiet’. Her reply was ‘your mouth stinks mommy’. Now, who wakes up in the morning with a nice smelling breath? I laughed thinking to myself – great opportunity to teach her why we brush teeth EEEEEEVERY morning.


I asked her what must I do? She said go brush your teeth. I asked her if she brushed hers, she said she didn’t need to. So I asked her why not? She said because her breath was not stinky like mine. I told her to exhale towards me, and so she did. I had to think fast how I was going to make this very obvious. I jumped out of bed pretending to have inhaled the worst smell ever. Damn…how could I do that to my princess? She wanted to cry. I ran to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth. She came in, grabbed her tooth brush and started brushing her teeth. When I finished I asked if my breath was as smelly as hers. She was taken aback. Afterwards she wanted to know why our breath was smelly. I asked what she thought. ‘I don’t know’ she said shrugging her shoulder. And then the whole discussion started about stuff we eat that makes people’s breath smelly. By the way in all this conversation, there is no time that her breath has been smelly, either then this morning.


We ended up agreeing that at any time of the day if we eat stuff that makes our breath smelly and don’t brush our teeth, then our breath will be smelly. But to make sure that our breath is not smelly what shall we do then? – BRUSH OUR TEETH.

The next morning, she came to smell my breath and offered I smell hers, and of course, our breaths were smelly. The morning breath check went on and stopped after a few days.


My tooth brush lecture was done. But now I have another lecture going on. What do you say to a seven year old when she blurres out to you ‘Momy, sex is for grown ups…’


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  1. essayer essayer says:

    I hope I remember this one when one starts to rebell when has to brush teeth………….good one Rox. I’ll wait to hear what you answer to that question, I’m glad mine lil man is younger than your princess, so I get to know how it went and what you said! LOL!!

    • Roxy Roxy says:

      It is so amazing the stuff they come up with. When she starts tellig me stuff, I am curious for the next thing that comes out of her mouth, and then she really talk. What is grea is that she trusts me and says what’s on her mind, that ay I get to knowand I’m not left rying to figure out…. But amazing I find it.

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