Roxy Marosa Show is a provocative personal development live audience show developed for TV, hosted by Roxy Marosa. It is a platform to investigate and master a variety of life subjects that have one thing in common: They are a reality in your daily life and every person has to face them and deal with them, in various ways.

The show aims to unpack a range of personal issues that challenge people on a daily basis. The audience and viewers have the opportunity to interact with Roxy and the guests whom she interrogates. As the audience and viewers, people too experience being interrogated, that way they participate in the process. Through regular interaction – be it by being an audience, viewer or guest people will get to master their life issues, giving access to create a powerful life and celebrate their extraordinary vitality, beauty and purpose of being human.

As an individual committed to personal growth and making a difference in people’s lives, Roxy passionately shares her life experience openly, and her transformation to people’s best interest.

HER WORD - Work is no work if I can’t play. Release the pain and be open to receive entertainment.

“SOME PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU DIFFERENT – I SAY: The access to your greatness is through knowing what makes you not be great, and the willingness to accept your flaws as flaws, and not relate to your flaws as a description of you.




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