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I am very excited to be launching this national project. On my return from attending CONFINTEA VI in Brazil, I took a number of days talking to friends about my experience. Either than a great time I had with a nation so warm and welcoming, and participants and government delegates from all over the world who were all there with the goal of addressing youth and Adult Illeteracy, I was sadened by the statistic of illeterate people. I could not come back to South Africa with the education gap so big.


In 2009 I was invited by United Nations to be a moderator at the world conference – Forum for International Civil Society – FISC, and a speaker at CONFINTEA VI in Brazil. I came across a shocking statistic that about 70% of the world population is illiterate. Papers presented from 3 different countries stated common challenges experienced in literacy, which is money to keep programs going, a shortage of volunteer teachers, and the lack of momentum of youth and adult learners. For the most youth and adults are concerned and have burning issues of basic needs like food, clothing and a roof for their families. I was most concerned about the impact of illiteracy, especially related to health risks in areas where people have no access to education programs. For some people in those areas, the only way to learn about daily events is through reading. Faced with HIV and the impact of  illeteracy in Africa, I was afraid of a major dilemma, challenge and health threat that illeteray may expose people to. I met with the SA Deputy Minister of Basic Education – Minister Enver Surty. In that meeting I stated my intention ‘to have a generation where basic education was not an issue’.

I have been reading to my daughter since she was 3 years old. At age 4 she attempted writing her name, and at grade one she is able to read. This inspired the birth of Read Regularly for a Child.

The basis of this project is to introduce basic education to children through being read to from age 3, and to encourage parents, guardians and care givers to read regularly to children. Teachers say when children are being read to regularly, they develop a love for reading. Through regular reading, children develop a sense of schooling and timing. They grow a love for their education and therefore excel at school. 

I invite you to take 30 minutes to an hour to read regularly to a child or children, and ecourage others to do the same. We all can contribute to education and our children’s future.

A number of people are making this project possible. I give a BIG THANK YOU to:

Deputy Minister of Basic Education – Minister Enver Surty.

Dirrector of Kha ri Gudi – Prof. Veronica McKay.

SA Rugby – through Mr Xhanti Lamani, and Mr Khaya Mayedwa.

Make A Difference – Mr Francois Pienaar.

The International Women’s Club – Ms. Maria – Gracia Martinengo.



Mr. Gordon Aeschliman

Ms. Giovanna Sartor

Mr. Lesego Thuntsha

Ms. Laverne Slater



Ms. Natalie B. Becker

Ms. Joann Strauss


Northern Cape

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