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BUSH RADIO – March 2009

Today on Backchat, we joined by a regular guest at Bush Radio, it was non other than Roxy Marosa, talk show host and motivational speaker. Roxy joined us today to speak about the Marosa Support Group Network which will be held on May 28th and helps those infected or affected by HIV. The Marosa Support Group Network helps by introducing a platform for those at the support group to share their challenges.




Siyahluma Networking Events hosted its first gathering of professionals and entrepreneurs at The Table Bay Hotel at the Waterfront in Cape Town on the 23rd of August 2008. Well, I am really happy to report that the consensus view is that the first event – although it was run on a non-existent budget – was a real success. Roxy Marosa the talk show host for the new Marosa Talk Show graced us with her presence as our programme director for the day.



Real life stories @ travelstarts breakfast morning meetings

I love real life stories and how people overcome troubles and come out stronger. This morning we invited Roxy Marosa who´s a South African talk show host and inspirational speaker.

She shared her life’s journey how she found out that she had contracted HIV in her marriage and how she dealt with that and other obstacles. Take away is how her life transformed when she managed to forgive her ex husband and take responsibility for her own life. Not only did it set her free from being angry and bitter but also it launched a new career for her. How about that!

Roxy in all things challenging asks, “What can I draw from this?” The red thread in Roxy’s life from being a kid growing up in the townships is that she sees life as a gift and an inspiration. Roxy is in the Epic Business Life and Love Story hall of fame a legend.

I also got to teach her how to use blogs and Twitter to promote her personal “brand”.


Roxy Marosa writes:


Congrats Roxy – your piece was re-tweeted by USA Today’s medical correspondent! I think that’s a first for us















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