Pubic hair at age 3

Raising my son was one of the best things in my life. From when he was a baby we used to bath together in the evening. This was a habit we didn’t question until he was around 5 years old. It was easy to bath together because he could see how we cleansed our bodies and of course he would copy by cleansing himself. At age three the boy was observant as would be expected. One day after our bath, he asked his dad in his sweet innocent voice ‘Daddy why don’t I have hair around my winky?’ referring to pubic hair. Daddy did not know what to answer to this question, and of course asked me to take care of the conversation. Well, just thinking back to my childhood that I had so many questions, to which some I got no answers to, but was rather accused of asking too many questions and frankly told to piss off, I thought I have to give my son an answer that will make sense. So my reply was ‘it’s still inside Honey’. He accepted the answer with ‘oh, ok’, and so we then continued to finish off and get ready for bed. I thought to myself well done!


A few nights later, we had quests over, and left my son to have a bath by himself. While in the middle of a conversation, his father heard his sweet voice from the bathroom shouting ‘come out, come out’. Wondering and perhaps rather concerned, he asked me to go check on him. I found my little guy out of the bath, looking at his pubic area, still shouting ‘come out’.  I so much wanted to burst out laughing but had to hold in the laughter. I asked him what he was shouting to come out. He desperately looked up at me and answered, ‘my hair mommy’. I could not hold my laughter, and burst out laughing. He seemed so confused, with on his face as if he wanted to know what was so funny. I realised that my job was not done and I had to explain further about ‘the hair is inside’. I then told him that the hair stays inside until IT knows that it is the right time to come out, and then it comes out by itself. My boy was so disappointed at this piece of information. This was too brilliant an incidence not to share with our guests, but I had to ensure that if they laugh it should not be obvious that they were laughing about what I was telling them, especially given that the boy so much wanted to be like his dad and have what his dad has.


It doesn’t end there… Ten years later, I was not thinking of the ‘come out’ incidence, but my entertainment was due for a follow up dose. Relaxing on the bed and just having a casual conversation with my son, he asked me ‘Mommy, what can I use to shave?’ The boy had no beard and I knew he loved his hair, so of course I was wondering and wanted to know what he wanted to shave. He said he wanted to shave his pubic hair. Not thinking about the depth of what he just said – ‘shave my pubic hair…’ I said abruptly ‘no man, why?’ He then said ‘it’s too much’. Still I was not thinking or making anything about what he was saying. I was rather interested in guarding him from using products or blades that may harm him.


The following day I was thinking about this conversation and recalled the incidence of ‘come out’. I was then confused, thinking to myself, ‘at age three my boy wanted pubic hair now that he has it he wants to shave it’. I shared the ‘come out’ incidence, and the conversation of the previous day with a friend. My friend then brought to my attention that the boy was trying to let me know that he is a ‘big boy’ now. How could I make such a blurb? I thought to myself, Oh…I messed up, and I had to rectify this and acknowledge his puberty. So later on I started the conversation subtly, and boasted to be a mother of a big boy now. He realised that I got what he was trying to tell me, and he had a smile on his face, which I took as acknowledgement. We then had a conversation about being grown and where it was leading to. Of course conversation about girls was in the mix – BUT… MORE ON THAT NEXT TIME.


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