Mommy why are you crying?

Mommy why are you crying..?


After reading the post on ‘Pubic hair at 3’, a friend calls me in big laughter. This is his story:


It was probably close to midnight. All the children were asleep. My little one was sleeping in his cot. Convinced that he was fast asleep too, my wife and I entertained ourselves. We were making love and when right into it, she was moaning and groaning. We were so with ourselves and not thinking anything else but just focusing on this wonderful process. Then we heard this little voice ‘Mommy why are you crying?’ Dammmnnnnn I thought…how does one continue after this…? We had to stop because we didn’t know whether he could see what was going on or whether he was asking just from the sounds he was hearing.


Well my addition is:

My son walked in on my x-husband and I. Being the size build he is and me so small, my son could not see me (use your imagination). He then asked his father ‘Daddy where’s mommy?’ Of course we had stopped as the door opened and laying still, and thank God we were under the sheets and he did not walk further than the door. Looking right in his eyes daddy replied ‘Mommy is sleeping my son’. The little man closed the door and went back to bed. Did we continue..? YES… and only spoke about it afterwards.





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