14 August 2011

One of the after school pick ups, on my way to a meeting, I decide to pick up my daughter earlier than usual. On my arrival, she notices me and I notice her amongst the so many children. She turns away so as to ignore me. One of the teachers call her and tells her that she’s going home. She looks at the teacher as if the sun is hitting her eyes and she can’t see her properly or look at her for long. She turns away and ignores the teacher and my presence. The kids decide to get involved and tell her she is going home. What seems to be a diligent walk towards me, she stops in front of me and asks me ‘what do you want?’ I tell her ‘I’m here to pick you up.’ She says ‘It’s early.’ So I say ‘I have a meeting to go to, that is why I am picking you up early.’ Thoughtfully she instructs me, ‘Go to your meeting and pick me up on your way back.’ Of course this won’t work so I say ‘I will finish late and aftercare will be closed already.’ Bravely she says, ‘I’ll wait for you at the gate.’ Impressed I say to her ‘The teacher will not allow that.’ One to work things out, she says ‘Then I’ll ask the teacher to wait with me.’ Seeing this is going on and on and I’m running out of time I instruct her, ‘Thato, go get your bag and let’s go.’ Upset folding her arms to express the upset, she turns around to go get the bag, and comes out dragging it. So I think the bag has done nothing wrong and now it is getting damaged with this dragging, I point it out to her… ‘Shall i drag you next time I’m upset due to something?’ She looks at me with one scary look, lifting the bag, but then stops as to say, ‘Mommy don’t play clever with me.’ I realise, I did not inform this little person about my plan to pick her up early, so perhaps I owe her an apology. So I apologise. ‘Sorry I did not inform you this morning that I will come early.’ I get a quick reply. ‘Don’t do it again.’ ‘Sure.’ I said.


After this last publish, I’ve had parents call me with some amazing stories about their interactions with their children. Many admit that some of the stories were embarrassing at that moment, but now they look back and are amused by the innocence of their children.

I invite you to publish your stories on this site, or send me your stories to I will edit and publish them on this page at your approval. The purpose of this is to revisit the pleasure of raising our children, and to be reminded of the great times of parenting, or the times that were so painful they made you strong. One of the readers told me on a telephone conversation that talking with his wife about the memories of raising their children rekindled the love in his marriage.

After the number of calls, I subsequently remembered an amusing time with my son who is now 20 years old. While writing the piece, I was laughing so much, I decided to call him. I reminded him about the incidence, to which he also laughed so much. I then told him I was writing the story and will be publishing it. Well I have never heard my boy so matured before.  He was disciplining me and demanding I don’t write the piece. But after some laughs, he acknowledged that it was really entertaining.

So enjoy.



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