Roxy Marosa and Carol Mashego – at Feel SA launch - April 2011

Feel SA is a bilingual magazine – German and English. Ines Stoll and Christiane Stark are what I call a fiery duo. They promise to produce a magazine which may turnout to be a demand in households. The launch was in April 2011 at spectacular Houtbay resteurant. The launch event was a great opportunity for me to meet great people like cover girl for the April launch issue Carol Mashego. A beautiful, vibrant and eloquent music artist indeed. Often people have the impression that famous people are unapproachable, and my experience each time is the opposite.

With Marcia, Ines Stoll and Caroline Mashego.

Ines is a partner with Christiane Stark. The first issue of Feel SA apparently took much work and interesting discussion and consultation, as we can imagine. The name Feel SA was inspired by the intention of the magazine, which was to encourage people in Germany to  experience South Africa, and to clear the misconceptions they read about our country. Feel SA as Ines and Christiane explained will paint the true picture of the positive things happening in Sout Africa, and the not so good but true life stories about the country, which most if not all countries deal with on a day to day basis, making the ‘bad picture’ a ‘usual and any coutry’s issue’.

Marketing manager of AEG South Africa

Advertised in the first issue of Feel SA. I learned that AEG and Electrolux were German sister products. One can be informed and learn a lot through converation.

January 29th 2011

Arrival at the J&B Met with Natalie Becker.

Larger that life as a theme had people be creative. Some interpreted it as rather what you wear. And why why would they not when the MET is usually about dressing up and showing off your creativity to the thousands of people. An expression of talented, it can also be viewed as… I would say… And then some would say it was an opportunity for the larger personalities to show up. And so it was apparent with the different styles and personalities that showed up for the event.

A moment to chill…

A perfect spot for me… well…! the red says it all… but how more perfect could it be for Ms maRosa with the rose shaped couch. It is true what they say…if you place your order with the universe, it shall oblige…. but hey… you have to be clear and feel it an know it… Not that I did … but hey… I am a walking rose… watch out for the thorns and don’t say you know nothing about roses.

Ms Natalie Becker adding her spark…

It would not be complete with this natural beauty. A woman who excludes an energy admired by many. You can but only love her. She is a walking creation and a breath of  fresh air to so many. Her company is wished for by her fans, and so her soul obliges.

Cuppuchino …. Oh NO damn… I mean mmm.. EXPRESSO Anyone…?

This time served by Katleho and Derek…

With so much to offer already these guys are an ordered storm. Coming to your homes each morning entertaining South Africa giving your a kickstart for a day full of energy… no wonder the wether is more unpredictable.

Compliments of HERTZ…

License to party hard and be save…

On time each time, and save from home to the MET and back home again. You don’t only have to hire their car, but you can book a shofer as well… allowing you to chill and enjoy.

Let Ms. Shado Twala show you how it’s done…

Each time I meet Ms Twala she i interested to grow me and my talent… and Natalie says ‘each time she sees me accomplish something, she acknowledges me.’ With so much wisdom gained from being in the entertainment industry, Ms Twala is a dream to upcoming talent. So many f us look up to you. Thanl you for being one of the people to pave this path for us.

Ms. Sashi

Ms. Roxy Marosa

Ms. Natalie Becker

This is a dynamite combination. The perfection of LARGE personalities. Not saying anything to anyone but rather allowing the people to absorb their presence…

With Anwar and Mark Lottering… Ms Becker and Ms Marosa..let’s take a pose!

Mark… I have to say this in Afrikaans because then I hear myself sound like you… so here it goes ‘Hoe sal ek lyk met ‘n paar Raybans sonder arms?’ If you were at the Orchad10 launch, you’ll know what I’m talking about… It was hysterical even after Mark left the stage. Smudged make up and black tears… ag nee Mark Lottering asseblief…!

Paul in the mix…

COMEDY Corner…

Laughter all the way… a good rib and lung workout. How is it that some people you just have to be amongst them and feel like you’re about to laugh, without them saying anything. When I’m grow up I want to be a COMEDIAN just like the combination of all of you…yes selfish and BIIIIG like that…!


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