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Interviewed on a radio station a while back, one of the things I was asked to do was to read a bible verse on sex and marriage. I don’t remember the verse in the bible and the exact words, but it went something like this:

A woman shall please her husband in all ways. She will satisfy her husband’s every sexual need. She will explore herself and her husband to achieve total satisfaction. As well, a husband will satisfy his woman’s every sexual need and desire. He will equally explore all sexual acts on her and leave completely satisfied.


The bible is a book known to all mankind. Maybe not the contents of it, but we all know that the book exist. I read once that it is the most read book in the world. So I was glad that people who do read it and stumble across this verse will read it over and over  and over and over and over again. As much as we try to shy away from sex, it is a natural act. The problem is that we have lost so much respect for it and have become reckless about it.

Having a conversation with a friend regarding teen pregnancies, she made a comment that “HUMANS ARE LIKE ANIMALS”. I replied saying and I still say, to compare humans to animals is unfair on the animal kingdom. Animals mate when they need to. Although it is in the open. Or is this why we equate humans to animals? I say it is still unfair on the animals. In fact I say this comparison has given people reason to be reckless.

The problem is that we have bred a young race of reckless sex thinking. The result is that we have become a nation that is desperate for solutions. Parents have limited or no ways of teaching their children about self preservation. We have become a sick nation that needs ongoing interventions to achieve sanity and some ‘normal’ functioning.


- Stop thinking of people (your partners or others you’ve ‘desired’) as objects to fulfill your sexual desires.

- Parents be open to your children at an appropriate age.

I started talking about sex to my son when he was 15 and showing signs of interest in girls. It might be different with girls and I am still to experience that journey with my little princess.

- Use biology as a subject to explain the reproductive system.


My son, now 21, a 2nd year Sound Engineering student said this to me. What fashion is this of teens having babies? I asked him what he thought. He said it was insane, and that it took away the valuable lessons life holds in their future. Why would one want to parent a child when they are children themselves, he said. One could argue that in other countries girls are forced to be parents at vulnerable ages of 14, even 12, but this is still not right. When my boy said all this, I was smiling inside.

I have not given everything, but this to me was gold, and I knew that he is thinking of a future not just for him but for his sexual results, which includes the person he is involved with.

Start teaching now. If you think you can’t, ask people around you, ask me. Respect yourself, respect life, respect others, RESPECT SEX.


In a space of 2 weeks I’ve had quite a number of significant experiences around people I don’t know, some whom I know and around family. I was quite intrigued by my experience around the people I didn’t know. I was in a different country, and the culture there was so different from my SA culture that is so diverse. What was attractive for me was to see how women and children were respected and acknowledged. I experienced women and men being committed to their course, be it their work, their relationships with their partners and their children, family and friends. There was a true sense of love, respect and honour. I admired that, and I knew that is what I have always wanted for the people in my life… YOU…

On my return, I was excited to be back. I love sharing my experiences. The great experiences to enthuse people and the not so great experience to inspire people. Well I did. But it wasn’t long that I was vividly reminded of my culture here at home. Now there are a number of things that we can really be grateful for and be proud of. There are a number of people whom we can be grateful for and proud of. With so much positiveness around us I wonder if life can be hugely overridden by the positiveness. I had so much excitement for so many days, yet 2 or 3 things happened and I was right back to feeling like I need to do something to rescue a situation. I was exposed to such careless expressions, that the people who were making these expressions seemed not to realise the impact of their words on people. Now this was not the first time I have been exposed to this. In the past when this happened I expressed anger and withheld my love for a period, not remedying the situation, which clearly has not transformed the behaviour. I can see that I am being too long on this story, and perhaps this is my way of crying out.

So what happened is that an adult called a child names. Thank heavens it was in the child’s absence. This is so normal for them to speak this way. I have seen them been spoken to this way and they expressed rage. So then I wonder, if they were so outraged by being spoken to this way how is it that they do it to others? I guess it is they say about the abused, that they are most likely to abuse. But think of it… are we to go unconscious of this or be conscious and alter this behaviour? I say the latter. Then there is the expectation to be understood, accepted and loved. How can you slap someone and then expect them to hug and love you? That is insanity and therefore sick.

I plead… Please be aware of your emotions and temper. Treat the people in your life with love and respect for you to get it in return. Not like it’s a bargain, but rather an enhancement of relationships and growth. I cry as I write this, and I trust that this will reach you and your loved ones, especially those who are the abusers. If you need help, get it.


I’m inspired reading Ken Annandale’s MOVERS & SHAKERS. Each morning when I wake up, before I get out of bed, I read until I HAVE TO get out of bed. I am on holiday and some would say, just have a good time and stop being serious. This is not being serious but rather preparation for me to have more fun in the future. This morning Neil Petersen’s words is what is inspiring me to write and share this with you – ‘In life there are no barriers, only solutions’. But I want to extend this as an acknowledgement to what may be other people’s realities or occur as realities. I say for every barrier, there is a solution. Now what you are left with is make this your motto.

I am Switzerland as I write this. I want to share with you the point of

solutions to barriers. The Alps are the highest mountains in Europe and have a total length of 1200 km. They range from France through Switzerland and Italy to Austria.  The most of the mountains are in Switzerland and occupy 48% of the land. Each time I have taken a drive I have driven through a tunnel. As you may know tunnels are roads build through mountains. I have gone through minimum 3 tunnels going to another town.  In addition to solutions to what could be a mountain barrier, the Swiss created tourist attractions building cable ways transporting people up the mountain, which they are experts of (our Table mountain cable way was build by a Swiss, who comes to service it each time it needs to be serviced).  I have been up some of the mountains here, mostly taking up to 3 cable ways in one direction or the same destination. One of the mountains I was on, Mount Schilthorn also known as Piz Gloria, one of the James Bond 007 movies was shot there - titled On her majesties secret service.

This is no rocket science. Coming from the dark ages, humans have evolved and made possible what seemed impossible. What about you is different from those who made it happen…? It is simply the conversation ‘I AM…’ or ‘I AM NOT…’

MESSAGE: Ask yourself ‘what is my mountain, and what opportunity is it presenting me?’


I have written about this subject before, and this time I would really love to hear your thoughts.

Almost every third or second person I talk to about their family relatedness have been raised by a single parent. I am interested in getting the men’s perspective on this one. WHY IS IT THAT THE MEN WHO LEAVE THEIR CHILDREN AND WOMEN LEAVE WOMEN TO RAISE THEIR CHILDREN ALONE? I often say that children mimic their parents, so it is more likely than not that a child from a broken home will breed a broken home. However this also happens with people raised by both parents living together, aaaand, some who come from broken homes breed stable families. So with this being the case, what is it with humans that we do not maintain the stability of dual parenting for our children?

This is what some of them say:

I was 6 when my parents got divorced. My mother played a key role in my life and she is my role model. I have her and God to thank for the person I am. I have searched for my father, and decided to stop because I thought I am his flesh and blood. He knows where he left me so he knows where to find me.’

‘I just want to know who my father is so that I know my roots. What ever sent him away I can’t make him wrong or judge him, because I don’t know why anyone would leave their flesh and blood.’

‘My mom and my step father are really great with me, but I cry because I married  a man who left me with my daughter. He is around yet he won’t participate in my daughter’s life, and I just want my daughter to know and have a relationship with her father.’



I am fat… I am short… I am too thin… I am too dark… I am from a disadvantaged background… I am black… I am gay… I have no legs… I miscarry babies… I live with cancer… I am a divorcee… I live in a shack… I am a foreigner… I am too old…

The list is endless. What defines you and how does it shape you? A woman shares that she is not in a relationship because men prefer beautiful sexy women. ‘I am fat and disabled.’ I feel that it is unfair because I did not ask to look the way I do. I despise men. I rather stay at home where they don’t see me.’ ‘Are you happy with your choice?’ I ask ‘Well what can I do?’ It is clear that she is not happy with her choice and would like things to be different. ‘Are you happy with your choice?’ I ask again… ‘I’m fine with it.’ ‘So you’re ok with the way things are?’  I ask. ‘Well, what can I do?’

This is what you do:

1. Acknowledge the ugliest things you say about yourself. Acknowledge that you say all those things about you…

2. Look and see what actions you’ve been taking based on the things you say about yourself.

3. Say what you really want.

4. See what you’ve been selling to people, and what they have been buying.

5. See what people want, and find it in you to sell to them.

Note: some will buy it some won’t, simply because we have different tastes.

6. Those who buy it, ask them what they love about what they are buying.

Nothing outside of you defines you. YOU are what and who you are. Everything is a creation, therefore it can be altered.


I remember being home for my father’s funeral in 2005. My cousin came to speak to me about her health. She had been diagnosed with a chronic disease. ‘It is manageable’, I said to her. ‘You don’t have to worry, I am here and will assist you with the information you need.’ She was excited that her latest result showed an improvement in her health. Over the past few years, I have visited home and we spent time talking.

I visited home frequently, mostly to attend funerals of relatives passing on.  By August 2010 I had 16 people in my life pass on in a period of a year, of which 3 passed on in 1 month. I look back at the number of interactions I’ve had with my cousin and conversations we’ve had. Her excitement each time she filled me in on her health bill, and questions to enhance her health.

I realise how I have taken things for granted. I realise how I have not really been interested. I say this because never once did I take the initiative to call her just to ask her about her life or her health. It was always when I hear that she was not well. Why did I do that? Why did I call when it wasn’t so good? What was I getting out of it? Peace of mind and a feeling of a good deed? Being a hero? It looked good. It felt good when I knew I had spoken to her and I left her feeling good. Yes I felt good. It was all about me.

As I was going through my day today, I dedicated it to no media and I stayed away. I rather enquired into WHO AM I in the face of all this? It dawned on me, and I’m in tears as I type this: She kicked me in my butt. This is a wake-up call like never before.

The answer to ‘WHO AM I’ is: I am the person who leaves people loving to be alive. I want people to be happy, alive, expressive, be their true self and live into a future they want. I am a light.

Yet I have been too busy wanting to do it all. I get it NOW that I am not an expert in it all. When I say do it all, I refer to doing the organising of my work, operations of my work, designing and initiating things, executing things. The results speak for themselves.

I am not an expert in everything in life, but I am an expert in making people reach their ultimate dreams. I am an expert in having people heal themselves, have magical relationships, make money, channel themselves to their ultimate careers, fulfil on areas of their lives that are important to them by accessing the magic inside them, sparking the fire deep inside them.

I have denied myself and people this expertise because I have been too afraid of not knowing and of failing. I have not trusted myself and my expertise and therefore did it all to prove to myself I am a ‘hero’. Well truth be told, I have failed myself and you. HERO’s allow for contribution, they are ok to fail because they look forward to the lessons from the failure. THIS IS IT. I failed, and now I embark on executing my lessons. I am yours for your greater life.

What are dealing with? What is happening in your life where you experience yourself, unfulfilled or not as fulfilled as you want to be? I will work with you to enhance your life. I have lived and endured tribulations over a period of time. I made it ‘normal’. YOU don’t have to endure it and make it ‘normal’.

My Lord’s prayer.

My father who is in heaven. Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give me this day my daily bread, and forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me. Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil. For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever. Let it be so.

The Power of ‘I AM…’

Some people get to be told and hear it over and over and over and over and over again. ‘You’re great, you’re brilliant, That was original, That was amazing’ Their response… ‘Yeah… Well… I’m not so sure’. Being great is not an accident, yet they relate to their greatness like it was an accident. And what do they say ‘It was luck.’ Luck is what happens when you had no role in the outcome. Or they’ll say, I was JUST at the right place at the right time. It is not the statement that is a default, but rather making the statement as if what happened ‘shouldn’t have happened’.

Now if you create a world of disbelief, accidents, coincidence and, and, and, for yourself,  how can you expect things to happen like you deserve them? Do you notice how often some people or you look for the UNBELIEVABLE about the results you produce?

Check this out: All the many times you have doubted, declared failure, written something or yourself off, you accomplish it if you don’t work to a choke to produce the opposite of your declaration. Do you notice the power you are? It is so because you said so and believed it and did what it took to fail. Now if you have that power why not take on the positive and try it out, just try it out, you have nothing to loose because generally you believe you will fail anyway, so if it turns out good then you’ve gained something right. So go ahead… do it.

DO THIS AND MAKE IT RELEVANT IN A CHALLENGE YOU’RE DEALING WITH: You want to ask for a raise? Your boss told you the profits are down and the company is in danger? YOU have increased costs because the inflation is up. Instead of deciding that your boss will decline your request, just go make the request anyway. You will achieve something. 1. They will know you need more money, and will be thinking even harder about the security of the company. They will also think about the security of having you, 2. Or worst they will say they have to let you go if that is what you choose. Then, you will have the freedom to look for a job where you will negotiate a salary you want. Not that simple you say, Right there your power keeps you where you dedicate yourself.

BREAK IT DOWN: What you achieve, less or more, negative or positive, you do because you say so.

TAKE THIS: Believe that you deserve what you want where you are or where you’re headed. You will have it even if it takes some bruising…

Visit on Thursday for more…

The Power of ‘I AM…’

If you think that your word does not matter, it is time you alter that thought. Y0u may not know how, but from now on, do know that it is possible. Our limitations are merely based on who we say we are – who you say YOU are. Think about it – the stuff you achieve, why do you achieve them? who do you say you are in that moment? The stuff you don’t achieve, why do you not achieve them? who do you say you are in that moment? It all starts with a conversation, a conversation that has you relate to yourself the way you do. That conversation shapes your thoughts and the way you do things, and even has you make the choices you make.

However, for the most we walk around knowing this, but unable to alter our thoughts and actions. We get caught up in ways of thinking and doing things.


- Who do you say you are?

- How does that shape your thoughts and feelings?

- What actions do you take and what results do you produce?

- Is that what you say you really want and are you fulfilled?

ADVICE: Take time and make your list. Do not try to get it right, just say it, even better write it down. Focus on stuff in your life that do not work or do not work as well as you’d like them to.


- Go through your notes. Next to the first sentence, change it to a positive sentence. Read it out loud to yourself and be aware of your body sensation. – - Visualise the results you may produce saying this altered ‘I AM… ‘

- Now what actions can you take to produce the result you REALLY want? You may have more than 1. The more the better.

KNOW THIS: Your word has POWER. Who you say you are shows in your actions and results.

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Get a altered fulfilling life. Share the outcome of this exercise.

17 August 2011

The Business Partners, Fine Women, Sanlam and Destiny Magazine Women’s event was an absolute splendour. Beluga… you were MAGICAL…treating 150 women to all our needs….WOW…to top it was one of the Partner’s talk. A true walk to a dream. Thank you Sam for sharing yourself so generously. Carl Isaacs… transforming a woman right in front of our eyes… SPLENDID. A time of making great friendship and true love in the resteurant.

NOMFUSI… you are a dinamite…OMG. Ayoung woman so sensitive and brilliant with her voice. How do some people just get to think and do things like write music and sing it. Hail Nomfusi….

GUGULETHU TENORS… What a treat… I was mesmerised song after song. Who are your mamas….????? Geeees! This was just spectacular! I felt like I was on holiday, then I realised I had a few hours left to the following day back to work. Thank you for your magical voices.

YOLANDA YAWA… lookig good girl…

DIANA… thank you for your insight on perfumes and our choices. Thank you for the contacts as well. Roxy Marosa perfume coming out soon…

RENE… I took notes and watch the space. Such practical step by step advice. It was really so easy and informative. Now the work to get it in motion. And yes. I have read ‘The richest man in Babylon’. A book that had me take action in my life and I have not looked back.

ROXY MAROSA’S talk…’The Power of I AM’ proved tro be a powerful talk which had the ladies and the room sizzling. The fedback was phenomenal. Women were queing to talk to me, sharing with me what they realised abut themselves as I was doing my talk. It brought to light the power of I AM.

Following this, I am hosting a 3 hour workshop at the end of September. Details regarding this workshop follow so keep watching out for posts.

I received e-mails and texts today, people expressing the difference the talk made for them. Thank you all ladies for your participation. Thanks to Patti Graham for the opportunity to touch these women’s lives. REMEMBER: Love yourself.

12 August 2011

Dressed in their Bokke T-Shirts my clients arrived waaaaay before time. ‘I am not ready for you yet so please come back at 10am’. Pouring with rain, they were in their sandals, clearly defying the Cape Town weather. A relaxing and calming facial, she lay with her eyes closed and very quiet. ”Are you asleep?’ She asked the one I was treating… ‘Mmm…’ she replied in agreement. I continued to give advice on the skin while doing the treatment.

Onto the second client, nice and comfortable under the blanket as I do her treatment. Stories come out about home beauty remedies and funny childhood experiences. I am laughing so much the tears are rolling down my eyes. The best story hits my ears. I love sushi, all 3 of us love sushi and we share our favorite places. Well I was out last night and had sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant where I am never disappointed.

I recently learned that Wasabi is the root of a plant and grows in streams and Mediterranean places’. ‘Oooh I don’t like Wasabi,’ my client says. ‘I will never eat it.’ ‘Wasabi….!,’ she says as if wasabi would respond by saying ‘huh…!’ She continues her story. I am laid back and calm thinking to myself ‘you are missing out woman’, but I dare not tell a client that. She continues sharing her first time sushi experience, which goes like this:

I went out with my friends. We ordered sushi. Now I love avocado pear. The sushi was laid on our table and so I started helping myself. I took a piece of sushi and smeared the avocado pear on it. I smeared it thick because I love it. My friends were silent looking at me like ‘what are you doing?’ but they said nothing. I took my avocado smeared piece of sushi and put it in my mouth. I started chewing. My skull felt like it was bursting, I was struggling to say the the words. Crunching I asked them ‘why is this fish and avocado pear burning so much?’ THIS JUST DID IT FOR ME… I… laughed sooooooooo much, I could not stand, I stopped doing the facial. Spit was coming out of my mouth, mucous flowing out of my nose, my voice was gone, I struggled to catch a breath, I then heard the voice from the bed asking ‘Where’s Roxy?’ I was on the ground, my face on the carpet, my hands trying to reach for tissues, I grabbed a handful and still could not clean off everything off my face. My ribs were hurting so much from the laughter. It took me a good 10 minutes to let it all out. ‘I’m glad you’re laughing. It was not funny I promise you.’ This was the best ever entertainment by a client coming for a facial. Thank you ladies for making my day… You are simply special! I love my work. REMEMBER: Love yourself…

12 August 2011

I laugh as I uncover things about myself that I often think I know, and realise…in fact, what I think I know is not what is in reality. I have an illusion of what is, which is different from the reality… blah…blah…blah… Who the hell do I think I’m kidding? Isn’t it interesting how people around you will agree with you on a lot of the things you say and do. Perhaps we’re masters of deceit and don’t see the difference.

I consciously take it upon myself to listen to people who point out the most painful things about myself. Although in the moment I hate them, but later on I see the truth and laugh about it. When this happens I know I got my growth.

My friend just told me that I master a lot of things in life, even life threatening issues, but damn… there is an area of my life I am still failing at, and I’ll rather not mention it here… I NEED COACHING on it, and I promise to share it later. One of the mantras my coach told me to repeat is ‘I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground.’ What makes this a mantra is that each time I say this, I realise the gap between where I am and where I want to be, and then I work towards where I want to be.

I remember when I was a teenager, the people I feared most were my parents. My mom beat the hell out of me when she considered me to be out of line. One day my dad found my mom hitting me, he asked one question that mom answered to, and he took over with the beating. I was left with closed eyes due to swelling, and out of school for 2 weeks. I learned at that time not to cross either one of them, but I still didn’t master it – I still didn’t know my ass from a hole in the ground.

I attended treatment for my eyes at a nearby clinic, where I experienced embarrassment, because the nurses accused me of being beaten my a boyfriend. Even though I was already experiencing attraction to boys I didn’t have a boyfriend. To avoid such humiliation and embarrassment again I decided that I have to be obedient,  but obedience was not working – I didn’t know my ass from a hole in the ground. Then of course 2/3 years later I was in a relationship, fulfilling on the attraction… normal right? But it also seemed to be wrong because then I had the curfew, and had to pretend to be the sweet girl who got home on time to avoid beating – failed at it several times though, and had to have only girls as friends. And wow… you think I’m good looking now, I entered beauty competitions then, and won so many tittles, so I had attention from males… and females… big time. I was sweet, good looking and very friendly. This didn’t help because people thought a pleasant girl like me must come from a pleasant home. The attention of course was just not part of my parent’s vision for me. My friends were sometimes chased away when they came to visit. Could I do anything that would have my parents mellow down…? I thought when I meet my curfew, win beauty tittles… oh… and do well at school, that makes me a good girl and will make them proud of me. But my thoughts did not match my parents’ rigidity about me and what a good girl should be. So I seemed to fail  at these life lessons.  Damn…! what could I do that could have them cut me some slack? Now some people may think, how they were with me was an expression of love, and perhaps it was. But damn! at that time it sure did not feel like it.

I then grew a deep desire to get out of home. You could say, at this stage I should have been getting ready to leave my home either to go to a tertiary institution or to go work and perhaps start creating my life independent of my parents. But now life seemed scary. WHY… ‘Because I din’t know my ass from a hole in the ground.’ I had lived life feeling like I have always been so wrong, yet desperately wanting to be right. The more I wanted to be right the more I was wrong. The more I thought I was wrong the more I was looking for approval and then was told I was right… I was in a vicious circle.

I look back and am thankful now to be able to create myself as the present woman. I am thankful to be able to share this with you and hopefully have you reflect in your own life and take lessons and create yourself as the person you want to be. I am thankful because I AM. You’ve got to love life. but REMEMBER: Love yourself.

8 August 2011

The same number of counts you have been trained to disregard your gut, the same number of times it will take for you to retrain yourself to trust your gut. Use the people around you for your lessons, they are there for exactly that… to teach you something about you, how ever painful it may be. Find it in yourself to love them. The minute you do, is the minute you get the freedom to be you.

I have hated so many moments in my life. I am pleased to know that I have the choice and power over the experiences. Each time I have learned that about myself, I have gained power over the circumstance. Thanks to those who have contributed to this growth. I have learned to love you unconditionally. Now you have to deal with ME loving YOU. Remember: Love yourself…

7 August 2011

Roxy Marosa Facial is apparently the best facial.. many people say. I have not done many facials to declare mine the best. But it is pleasing to know that people get more than they expect – value for money. As I work on you I detect body ailments and health issues and I advice on natural ways to improve your health. I may also recommend further consultation. I find it amazing and it bothers me that some people don’t even know they have the ailments I detect. I’m not a doctor, but LOVE A GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE. I don’t belief that as people we have to suffer, especially because we can do something about it. So I find ease to any suffering. I guess being a scorpion helps because I am really lazy and very senstive and tender. So I got to be healthy.

I will work with you so that you achieve a good quality of life. Do you want it??? Then you know what to do. book your appointment.

1 August 2011

In the past 2 days I experienced sadness and fear. My sadness was due to unfulfilled expectations and my fear was due to realising that someone has had access into my life without my permission and helped themselves to some of my belongings – stole from me. I found myself questioning myself about who I am in my life. Then I realised that I separate who I am from my life, like there is 1 – me and 2 – my life. I am still working it out. I’m questioning how many people do that? Do you relate to yourself as 1- you and 2- your life or what?

As I have been dwelling on this, I got remember what is written about the beginning of time. Without being religious here I am going to say something that is in the bible – God said ‘I am the life, the truth and the light’, and another ‘God made man in ‘his’ image’. Now the key words for me here are ‘I AM’ and ‘MADE MAN IN HIS IMAGE.’ So as I dwell in my pain and fear, I realise that I have an attachment to the incidence and theft. I felt and still  feel fragile and vulnerable at the world. I use the word world to include everything on this planet. From the 2 quotes from the bible, i am clear that I am not designed to live my life with fear and vulnerability, but rather to live in honour of who I AM.

I now choose to create a new reality for myself, a reality I believe we are meant to live by. That I AM made in the image of God. I AM real, I AM alive, I AM light in many people’s lives. I AM.

As I swim in this converation I realise that I have been so apologetic of myself, where I am, what I do and what I say. I realise that I have not been honouring that I AM. How could I honour that I am? I ask this because the existence of me has been due to something about me and not world.

This conversation and picture gets bigger and bigger. For now I leave it at this… until I blog again. REMEMBER: Love yourself.

25 July 2011

Have you read the power of now? If you haven’t, do yourself that good and get a copy and read it. Why am I making reference to this book? Well… A few weeks ago I intended to give a gift to the woman I interviewed on Roxy Marosa Show. The gift was for her to offer her friends FREE FACIALS. The words FREE FACIALS FOR FRIENDS rhymed in my head, so I e-mailed her giving her this offer. Then I decided to extend it to a few more friends since we are approaching women’s month. Well, I was so not ready for what is happening right now. E-mails started flowing in with bookings for facials. Subsequently I have met and continue to meet amazing people on this planet. I am having friendships develop with people of different cultures and backgrounds. I tear of emotions as I experience my circle of friends growing, and people being interested in my journey that led to Roxy marosa Skin Care. I want to say to each and everyone I have met thus far through FFFF – Thank you for coming into my life and sharing yourselves, and for allowing me to just be me.

In the moment of wanting to show gratitude, I have received and continue to receive you. I look forward to an amazing relationship with you all. And all those who have made bookings for follow-up sessions, thank you for trusting me. To you all… REMEMBER: Love yourself.

14 July 2011

Ever thought of this – Whenever you think negative about something in your life, the outcome seems to be disatisfying. And whenever you think positive about something in your life the outcome is satisfying. Well, the simplicity of it is that, your thoughts are an order to the universe, whether positive or negative. The universe gives you what you order. Now sometimes it seems very normal that we will have negative thoughts and positive thoughts. In this case, why is it that we get upset at the negative outcome that is disatisfying? If you can answer this for yourself, you can also take charge of the thoughts you have and the outcome of your thoughts. When you get this, you can get that you have the power to have anything you want in your life.

Do you now get upset at yourself and the past? If you do, watch the outcome of this thought or emotion. Start exercising your power consiously. See what shows up and enjoy. REMEMBER: Love yourself.

Pictures from the Health Literacy Shoot on 21/6… using Twitter’s URL shortener,

13 June 2011

Have Internal Victory WORKSHOPS

Talk is what I do and do best.  From as way back as I can remember, I have always interacted with people to take them from a point of dis-empowerment to a point of accessing their power. In the past month my facebook inbox, e-mail inbox have been flooded with inquiries about information on HIV. I have received and still continue to get calls from people all over the country about their lives and experiences about HIV. It has been an opening for me to create a platform to address people’s inquiries, experiences and concerns about living with HIV.

My son and I embarked on a week’s exercise to brainstorm what people have been inquiring about and dealing with, and we have summarised it into a concept and created a name to express a platform for you to come to, to have your individual inquiries, curiosity and concerns addressed. We invite you to remember the name Have Internal Victory over HIV.

Have Internal Victory is a workshop that will run on a monthly basis from the month of July. The workshops are open to people aged 15 and older. Younger people have to be accompanied by a guardian. The workshops are aimed at you to have internal victory over HIV and Aids. It is a Educational, Informative, Interactive and Transformational workshop strictly about HIV and Aids related issues.

I have been an HIV Activist over 10 years, and I have partnered with powerful and amazing individuals whom I have carefully selected based on my respect for them, their knowledge, relatedness to people and passion to Live Life Freely, all aimed at serving you similarly and equally to Have Internal Victory and Live Life Freely.

Dates for the workshop will be announced soon. Please share this BLOG with everybody you know. I look forward to your bookings and to interacting with you to grow and not fall victim to HIV. Remember: Love yourself.

2 June 2011

FEEDBACK on Roxy Marosa Show

Today I watched the rough cut of the pilot shoot… It looks so good…OMG it felt like I was watching the show on TV already. I am so excited and I know you will be so excited to see it. We are still doing some work on the cut… I promise to inform you when it is ready for viewing… Woooohoooooo….! Of course this is just the beginning. We also still have to film the rest of the episodes, and interesting topics they will be…  You will have the opportunity to book your seats of course. I love this time and I love me… Remember: Love yourself …

23 May 2011

How and why would the world come to an end on the 21st May 2011? I was not even paying attention to that and was not even thinking about it on this day, because there was something more important that the higher powers had designed for me – the recording of the pilot show of Roxy Marosa Show. If there was an end to anything, it was an end to disbelief, and a beginning to faith, work and accomplishments.

The way I see it is that we are at the stage of discoveries, and hectic interesting discoveries, and for me to experience these events, and my higher power would not pull the rug out under my feet. If, and only if the end happensin my lifetime, I know I will be ready for it and I will have no fear, I will have to debate or run away.

So you think about your relationship with your belief system and think whether it  is working for you or against you. Remember: Love yourself.

21 May 2011

Pilot shoot – Roxy Marosa Show

I was sorrounded by everybody who is dear and special to me. I know that everyone who was there wanted to be there and wanted to see the show happens and be part of this foundation stage. I experienced love, trust and believe in what I was doing and what I see possible for people. I am greatful and consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity, honour and blessings of everyone who was there and those who wanted to be there. We had so many last minute bookings and went over the number of people that we could accommodate. It was packed and the crew juggled for more seats to accommodate everybody.

NOW – I apologise to you all for going overboard with the numbers. Clearly I should not be handling bookings because I’m a YES to everybody. I just could not get myself to say to people ‘Sorry, but it is full already’. But it was really great to have such a turnout and have people participate AND hang around for chats after the filming. AGAIN…You all were phenomenal and made my job so easy and fun.

Thank you Linda for being such a great guest. Who you were being allowed for people to participate. Thank you for your vulnerability and for making this show, and for allowing people to view their lives through yours.

I luuuuuuuuved every moment of it.


20 May 2011

No matter how much or what reason you have for lying to people, they will find you out. When they do they will either make it known or they won’t. When they don’t be sure that they will be watching you and assessing what you say, and your interactions with them. They may also start lying to you with your own stories, like making you believe that they believe you when they actually don’t. Ask yourself ‘Is that the kind of relationships you want to have, and is that the person you want to be known as?’ Do you ever wonder why it seems like they do not ask for your input on delicate serious stuff, and you are there for the ‘fun’? Maybe it is time to take stock and ask yourself how much you value yourself, because the value you put to yourself is what you sell to people. Get your piece of mind and learn to be truthful. It makes life all so easier, and it allows for the next to be truthful to you. I am writing this thinking about people who lie to me thinking that I don’t know they are lying to me. If you lie to me, yes I know YOU are lying to me. Remember: Love yourself…!

16 May 2011

Do you have someone in your life you stopped talking to due to an upset? Does your stomack turn at the thought of you initiating communication? WELL… The fact that your stomack turns at the thought of you initiating conversation is a sign that communication and a good healthy relationship is important for you. Write down your upset, ALL OF IT. Read it to yourself over and over again, until the turning stomach feeling goes away. Take the step… Initiate the conversation. You will find that it was not that bad after all.  If the person is not willing to make peace and continue the relationship, you have done your part, and they know now that you want to mend the relationship. Be generous… Remember: Love yourself.

15 May 2011

Have you ever thought how your experience of you and your life would be when you be your word, V/S saying things and doing things to survive a situation? Or doing things and saying things to impress others? We cheat on ourselves and sell out on ourselves, and sometimes we are unconscious to it, because we are well trained in this arena. SO NOW WHAT? It will take something to train yourself otherwise. Start with small things. Appreciate yourself, appreciate life. Be conscious to your circumstances and acknowledge your role in them – positive or not positive. You can never undo what’s said and done, but you can do it different the next time. Remember: Love yourself.

2 May 2011

Many people wake up to their lives when there is an emergency or a tragedy. We all know someone like that. Although you can never prevent EVERY mishap that will happen in your life, learn from the mishaps that others have been through and stay save, or use the lessons to make it lighter or better for yourself. These people are there to teach you something. Remember: Love yourself. Life loves you.

1 May 2011

Ever wonder why the results you produce are not at the level that you want them to be? Consider that you did not put in EVERYTHING you could have – be it time, energy, creativity, resources, etc. When you can work out what was missing, you can produce better results when you do the task the next time around. Stepping outside your comfort zone exposes you to possibilities that you may regard to be beyond your abilities. And remember: Love yourself. Life will love you.

30 April 2011

The beauty of life is that you’re still around. Live every moment not to regret it. Regret is a small game in life and an excuse to repeat behaviours that have you be small. Small people look at people who play to their fullest in life and make them wrong. It is not healthy and you should not give yourself permission to think it or be it. Make a choice to be the biggest person and live by it. And remember: Love yourself and receive love.

I have learned that luck is only luck when you act on oppotunities at the time they present themselves. Opportunity awaits no one, and if you don’t make use of it, it passes.

Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial properity of each of us as individuals.

Quote from ‘The richest man in Babylon’


FACIALS AND TREATMENTS – using Roxy Marosa Skin Care

Medically oriented skin care products for all skin types to treat different skin conditions. NO CHEMICALS – A LASTING  SKIN CHANGE



- Deep cleansing with a cleanser suitable for your skin type  and skin Condition

- Nourishing cleanser suitable for your skin type and skin condition, to nourish and balance the oil production and/ hydrate the skin


- A 15 minute treatment using a mask suitable for your skin type  and skin condition

- Facial massage

- Brush exfoliation

- Pressure point detoxifying

- Head massage

- Shoulder massage and

- Arm massage


- Purifying serum to treat skin impurities

- GLA treatment to boost Collagen

- Elasti-Firm treatment to firm neck and bust area

- Cellular repair treatment

- Pigma repair treatment


- Moisture repair suitable for your skin type and skin condition

FACIAL – 45MIN – R300


– Deep cleansing with a cleanser suitable for your skin type and skin condition.

- Nourishing cleanser suitable for your skin type and skin  condition, to nourish and balance the oil production and/hydrate the skin.


- A 10 minute treatment using a mask suitable for your skin type and skin condition

- Brush exfoliation


- GLA treatment to boost Collagen

- Elasti-Firm treatment to firm neck and bust area

- Cellular repair treatment

- Pigma repair treatment


- Moisture repair suitable for your skin type and skin condition

To avoid disappointment ALL FACIALS MUST BE BOOKED – 0732303828

HELL YEAH YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL – don’t apologise for it… 22/3/11

She took her time as she said ‘I’m sexy… AND I’m beautiful’. Bravo Simphiwe Dana…! Immediately I thought…‘and so every person should have that confidence to say that about themselves’. And hell yeah… she is sexy and she is beautiful.  So many people cannot even stand being told they are beautiful, or a part of their physical body is beautiful. Interesting though, this is mostly the case when a woman says it to another woman, or a man says to another man he is handsome, as if it is forbidden to say that to someone of the same sex. WHY…? I remember that I used to feel like a woman will swear at me if I told her she is beautiful. Ironically, when anyone told ME that I’m beautiful, I would shy away from it and avoid it or pretend like I didn’t hear it.

Thank you to the higher power, I learned why I felt that way. As a teenager, my mother would punish me for arriving home after my curfew, or if she knew I was with male company. While beating me, she would say to me ‘You think you’re beautiful, men will use you and leave you. I will destroy this beauty.’ I think at that moment I made up the negative thought that consumed a part of my life, which was that I should not be beautiful because being beautiful attracted abuse from other people. WHAT CRAP - and gees did I live to fulfill on this self condemnation…! So for years I was so weary of when people told me I’m beautiful. What went through my mind was that they were looking for something from me. But I see that I was afraid and convinced that they were looking to use me and leave me… which was part of the crap… I say that it is crap because now I know different. The discovery of this deep rooted feeling had me feel sick and cry so much. When I finally embraced my beauty, I felt like a part of me that had been hidden for so long had resurfaced.  Parents please educate your children instead of mock them.

Simphiwe Dana exudes confidence. She is young, respected and knows what she is made of. This was not only an entertainment concert for me. She reminded me of me and who I am to myself and to the people in my life, including to the world. I realise that I am still getting used to the idea of not apologising for being attractive, sexy, beautiful, talented and smart.

Oh…! and what a treat to meet a long lost friend and supplier of my tickets…. Thapelo Mahlangu. Thank you Mr. Mahlangu and Old Mutual for this spectacular afternoon. Thank you Lele for putting this together. Simphiwe was phenomenal, the venue and weather was perfect, the service and the setting were great – from being treated to VIP parking, entrance, seating and catering, and of course great company and conversation afterwards. To be repeated soon Old Mutual… Mr Mahlangu… you officially have a stalker…!



My health scare yesterday was a clear demonstration to me that we are who we are for ourselves and for others in our lives. On and off I have had terrible pains in my chest area, especially after a day of indulging with alcohol. I reduced on my alcohol intake and had to explain to my friends why. Over a month ago I stopped taking alcohol due t the recurring pains. My friends have encouraged me to see a doctor about it but I thought I’d wait for my routine check up. Well this time the pain was not related to alcohol and was unbearable. Thank you to the higher powers my son was here to rush me to hospital.

The doctor ran all tests but nothing was found to explain the pain in my chest. I’ve chosen to look at this incidence as a lesson. My friend Gloria happen to call and heard I sounded bad. She threw me a few questions about how I was feeling and from my responses, she made it serious and said it sounds like something to do with my heart. I then remembered Robert Marawa’s interview about his emergency heart procedur and realised how I have been taking this pain for grunted. Not only have I been taking it for grunted but I have put people in my life to a panic. Thanks again that it was not serious and the doctor basically gave me a clean bill of health. But I realise I have been anxious about a number of things and have not admitted it to myself.

My lesson from this is to be aware and open to myself with what is happening in and to my life, and that there is another level I need to step up to, to take my health seriously. Larry Pearson said this a while back: My life is not mine alone, it is also everybody’s in my life. Yes and so it is with yours – YOUR LIFE IS ALSO OUR LIFE.

The assistants, Doctor and Nurses were really fantastic. Often I have complained and heard complains about bad service at hospital. In order to get good service I would ‘suck up’ to the people assisting. Yesterday I was in such a state I had no time to think about them or my story. The way I was treated yesterday showed me that when I am not coming in with the expectation that it will be a ‘f*&^k up, it turns out not be a f*^*&k up. Let’s treat our health service providers with honesty and with respect. We’ll most likely get the same, which will make our country a home to us.


Why the hell do people conduct themselves as disabled due to having lived long, giving ageing such a bad reputation? that much that women have a thing about saying their age. I’m alive demit and not willing to help you carry your hang-ups about age.

I remember when I was 14 my mother was 35 years old, and for me at that time she was an old woman already and I related to her like she was old and old fashioned.  That mind set had me grappling with my ageing. Simply because at 41 I feel no older than I did as far back as I can remember, and I thought maybe there’s something wrong with me now, for feeling the way I do and conducting myself the way I do. Surely I have matured and my number of years alive has increased, but hell no, I still feel fantastic and the same way I felt when I was 16 years – if one can put an age to emotions.

I am about to declare that ageing is a biological phenomenon. I say this from interacting with the women of The International Women’s Club and many other aged people. These ladies vary in ages and some, if not most are over 50years and range up to 90years. They still walk independently with no walking sticks, and enjoy entertainment.

The Ballo in Manchera was a phenomenal event hosted by The International Women’s Club on Friday 11th March. At the ball, the women and men were dressed up in their evening gowns and high heels, with their face masks and hand held masks and purses, you could learn a thing or two I tell you. On arrival we were welcomed with a pose for pictures and with great music by a live band. Shortly after seating the couples were on the dance floor. What a view I had. It was an honour and a privilege to be amongst people who clearly demonstrated quality fun. The energy was high and some people asked for the more ‘hip’ music, which of course the band was only pleased to play.

Maria-Grazia Martinengo – President of the club and her board did a marvellous job in presenting such a spectacular ball which was accommodative of all races, sexes and age. Looking at these men and women having such fun, I realised that ageing is what happens to the body and not to emotions. One of the ladies I sat next to confirmed this by saying that each time she looks herself in the mirror she sees her mother and not herself, because she still feels young and still has the image of her young self in her mind, and I could relate to that. I know though that if I did not work out I would perhaps also not recognise the person in the mirror.

I am glad to say that after the ball, I get to have individual time with 40 of the women and men (if the men will come) who won the FACIAL VOUCHERS I donated to the club for the Ballo in Manchera. I had the pleasure of doing the first facial today. The lady was so happy and said ‘it was the best facial she has ever had in her whole life.’

So to all the winners of the Facial Vouchers, your voucher is valid until 11 May 2011. So book your facial NOW. I look forward to this time with you and to treating you.


While doing my weekly marathon soak I was thoroughly entertained thinking about my relatives’ names. I questioned how and why they came up with these names. People of other races are often impressed at our names because they have a meaning and can me translated, unlike Piet, John, Mary, which are from some historic past. Or the modern names – Dennis, Gavin, Juanita. But I think they are impressed because they don’t really think of the names that do have meaning like Sandy – ‘full on sand’, Destiny – ‘in the long run or future path’, Candy – ‘Sweets’. Do you catch my drift?

Back to my relatives, my great grand mother was Maletsatsi – meaning ‘MOTHER OF THE SON, beautiful isn’t it…? As my grand mother’s first grand daughter I was named after her. Then…Oh…my….God… (this is between me and my God, and not about you please…!) I wish you could hear my tone as I think and say her name, my grand mother and her sibling’s names – my grand-ma was named Dikeledi, meaning ‘tears’. What tears, whose tears? to top it, we have a saying ‘leina le be seromo’. Meaning ‘the name or word becomes’. And oh… my grand mother used to cry sooooo much. In the beginning I was concerned, then I just got used to her crying.

Her sisters’ names were Kesenyang. This is actually a question meaning ‘What am I spoiling?’ Now which mother looks at their child and smiles and calls her baby ‘what am I spoiling?’ “Great Grand-ma, what was that all about?” The other one was named Maide, as in maid, Domestic Assistant. I even find it offensive nowadays to call a Domestic Assistant a maid. The other one, this is the last girl I promise, her name is Hankievol. Apparently she was so tiny, she could fit in one hand. I think that’s cute – the size. But why not just admire the size and give the child a name? They had a brother named Boboboy. Didn’t they expect him to be a boy? So they were shocked and stuttered as they were saying Boy, and it came out bo…bo…boy! Either than Hankievol, all the others passed on and I love them to bits. And please guys, I will not be encouraging your names on any part of my chain of off springs.

You want to know what they named their children… Well let’s start with my grand mother. She had 3 children. My mother’s name is Seitatolo, meaning ‘denial’. You have to ask my brother how this one is playing out. My mother has such big hands I’ll rather not be the one to get a slap for telling you what she does. My uncle’s name was Butienyan meaning ‘Small brother’. What were they referring to REAAAAALLY? Think about it! What about the guy was small? Him or something else? Different to him, they told us why Hankievol was given that name. So WHY not tell the reason behind naming my uncle…! I’ll leave that to your imagination. My Aunt’s name was Kedibone meaning ‘I’ve seen things’. My point exactly…! what things? Now there’s another whole book to write about this aunt of mine. Entertainment galore…!

I think my mother and her siblings almost followed suite and then after her first born Maniekie (almost like Butienyan) died, she gave a good thought to this naming thing and decided otherwise. I was born and I inherited my great grand mother’s name Maletsatsi. After me came my brother Letlhogonolo (you might just bite your tongue trying to say it) meaning ‘Luck’, followed by my sister Mmathabo meaning ‘Mother of happiness’. Beautiful isn’t it. She is named after my Dad’s mom who is still alive. I have another late brother who was called Tebello, meaning ‘Time of mourn’. Did I say my mother thought about this naming thing? I think she went in a reverse. After him came my sister ‘Puleng’, meaning ‘In the rain’. It was raining when she was born, followed by Ditlhorisho meaning ‘Struggles’. She was named after Hankievol’s daughter. Ditlhorisho, Hankievol’s daughter passed on while my mother was pregnant.

Well our children’s names are nothing close to this pattern. I’ll just tell you the names and meanings ok…otherwise you will get bored now. My parent’s grand children are: Tumelo meaning ‘Faith’, Keamogetswe meaning ‘I’m accepted’, Thato meaning ‘will’ as in will power, Khanyisile meaning ‘brought light’, Omphile meaning ‘gave me’, and Maikano meaning ‘Swearings’, as in swearing to tell the truth.

Other off springs’ names just randomly were: Thuthuburu – ‘rubbish dump’, Lentikile – ‘it tried me’, Selogile – ‘it crocheted/ platted’, Aida – my son thinks it means ‘either this or that’, Dithole – ‘dust’, Pogisho – ‘troubled’, Itumeleng – ‘be happy’, Katlego – ‘success’, Kelebogile – ‘thankful’, Mathapelo – ‘mother of prayer’, Serame – ‘freezing cold’, Bothata – ‘problem’, Kediemetse – ‘I stood for them’, Gadihele – ‘they don’t finish/end’, Gaoratwe – ‘not loved’, Moshupimang – ‘pointing at who’, Masego – ‘loads of luck’, Thabo – ‘happiness’, Thabiso – ‘maker of happiness’, Matshidiso – ‘comforter’, Oupa – ‘old man’, Nthabiseng – ‘make me happy’, Mosioa – ‘the one left behind’, Dieketseng – ‘increase them’, Ouma – ‘Old woman’, Lefu – ‘death’, Tununu – I don’t know what this means. DO YOU SEE THIS CHAIN…?

I love all my relatives and have interesting stories about them. But here’s what really entertains me and my son and I have been laughing so much calling these names in English… do it… call someone Rubbish Dump, and see what response you get…. See what I mean…? Guys I’m releasing a book on names… al hoor ek nou wat (I’ve heard enough) Please guys, think about the names you give your children…!

I hope you’ve been thoroughly entertained… because I’m still laughing…

WHERE are the Black Beauty Business Owners – 7/3/11

I don’t like complaining about stuff, especially business developments. I generally push my agenda because I am passionate about what I do, and I believe people do what they are passionate about, and therefore succeed in what they do. But I have often heard my fellow Black business people moan about opportunities not been made available for us. When I launched Roxy Marosa Show in 2008, I funded my whole business, not knowing the opportunities available through the Umsobomvu Youth Fund. I learned about this through a fellow Black business woman. At this point I had covered the basic funding areas the youth fund covers, so I lost on those ones.

The release of Roxy Marosa Total Skin Health Care is having me be so curious about what opportunities are available for my business to penetrate the market. I have been meeting informative people who have been generous on passing information about different platforms available for what my business needs right now. On the 29th January I met a woman at friend’s party (I am not mentioning her name because I have not asked for her permission to mention her name) who is a partner in The Spa People She was and is so passionate and abundant with information, which led me to attend the Professional Beauty Cape Town. I am also exploring opportunities presented to me by Spas and Salons I have been seeing to be distributors of Roxy Marosa Total Skin Health Care.

Attending the Professional Beauty Cape Town, yesterday 6th March, I noticed no stand of business owned by a fellow Black Business person. Now it is possible that some of the products or businesses are Black owned, but I question this. Even the hair extensions were for Caucasian, and the stands were manned by Caucasians. There was a stand manned by an Indian woman and people of a race we still refer to as Coloured. And there was a Magazine promotion stand manned by 2 Black people, the rest were Caucasian. The black people who were at the stands were assistants – nothing wrong with that.

Later on we were at a dinner and I spoke to the Commercial Director of T.E. TRADE Events (I also have not asked his permission to mention his name) whom I told my observation about the event. I did this mainly for selfish reasons, because if Black people are not visible, it impacts our business growth. I look back and notice how often things are an effort and struggle for Black SMME’s, and how we b*&^h and moan, and even get depressed about lack of growth. What is great about my conversation with the gentleman is that he invited me to look at expanding the business side of Professional Beauty to bring in Black Business. So this was confirmation for me that almost none of those stands were black owned. My challenge to Black SMME’s is: Do we even support one another, and what is our conversation about growing each other? We often talk amongst each other and admit that we don’t support each other, and we lack professionalism. We will respond quickly and serve Caucasians, and we’ll treat a black potential client like they are bothering us. And guess what, when they go to Caucasian owned business and they get the service, we make them wrong and curse them for not supporting us.

I invite you to see the areas that compromise your business, get training and coaching to treat your customers with respect. And be willing to go out of your way to serve your customers – no matter the race.

JACK YOURSELF UP or HIT THE ROAD JACK, and don’t you ever come back no more…



I ask my son ‘what do you think about things happening repeatedly in a short space of time, although in different shapes and forms.’ ‘Nothing’, he says. I look at him and think how do I share this message without making it a lecture? And then I figure it out – I can just share and not be attached to a certain reaction or a reply.

I wrote on ‘RESHUFLING MY LIFE’ that I’m reading ‘THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON’, and I wrote about my talk to The International Women’s Club ‘DENSTINY CREATION’. This morning I attended Dr John Dermatini’s talk on ‘POWERFUL BUSINESS INSIGHTS’. The man re-iterated what I have been reading and some of what I spoke about. Only he spoke in a different way and shared different stories. I then thought, I’ll share with my son what I’ve written here, which I did…, but I elaborated of-course. I had no reply and no reaction from him, and that was that… with my him.

The most important message that I got, from all these instances is that, I AM THE FOREMOST IMPORTANT PERSON. I realise that I have been lying to myself saying that people are more important. But really, how can I treat people as important when I don’t get that I’m important? It has just been a conversation that I have, and I have not acted that way. No wonder my life has been mediocre.

So I got that I am foremost important and I have to demonstrate that. And that it is when I demonstrate it that I will experience myself as foremost important, and people will feel that they are foremost important…to themselves. I am reminded of former President Nelson Mandela when he said ‘TO BE GREAT IS TO GIVE OTHERS PERMISSION TO BE GREAT’.

At the end of the talk, a former colleague and friend called on me – Linda Smith-Harvey– founder of LINDA’S ABUNDANCE DIARY. She had a gift for me – Linda’s Abundance Journal. Right there, again I thought I am in the right place. We briefly caught up on old time, and shared what we got out of the talk, and then I went and spoke to Dr Dermatini. What a clear man. John does not say anything he does not want to say, which had our conversation very brief. I said what I wanted to say…straight to the point, and it was delightful. We exchanged business cards, and will be keeping in contact. This weekend Dr Dermatini is leading 24hours of the BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE… A seminar that is popular all over the world.

It has been a DELIGHTFUL week for me… I wish you all a weekend of your own greatness…

GO Whaaaai…….ile……!


I laugh as I think how this title started. It took me a few days of thinking what am I going to talk about at the International Women’s Club, especially after being briefed about my audience.

So, last night I am breaking my head imagining getting on stage and just freezing, and so I force myself to start writing, and all I could come up with was ‘I HAVE LEARNED THAT LIFE HAS A DESIGN’. I sat with my laptop for close to an hour, got up and walked around the house, and then went and sat next to my son, whom I shared with that I was writing my talk which I was giving the following morning. He asked me to read it to him, and all there was, was ‘I have learned that life has a design’. Agreing to the statement and expecting more he looked at me with a face saying ‘continue’. I looked at him and said ‘that’s it’. We had a good laugh, thinking tomorrow is in a few hours and I’m addressing an International audience. Anyway, I got up and went to my bedroom to read a book, and then fell asleep. I dreamed of things going so wrong at The Kelvin Grove, which was the venue… I mean a mess that ach time I noticed I was dreaming I was thankful… And boy…oh…boy, I woke up at 7:14 and my juices started to flow. I wrote my talk – ALL OF IT. While I was writing, I not just imagined, but I was at the Kelvin Grove in that room I’m telling you, and I was giving the talk just the way I wanted, and I was getting the interaction that I wanted.

My son started filling the bath for me and when I finished writing, I took a bath and got on my way.

I arrived on time… The room was bright with approximately 300 women dressed up, looking stunning. Their shoes… ooooooh, their handbags and mobile phones with their gadgets…pheeeeeew….!

Every time I have walked into places with people like that I have thought to myself ‘If you asked me 20 years ago whether I saw myself in an environment like that?’ My answer would have been point blank ‘NO’. But yeah! I walked in and that was the place for me to be at.

The formalities took place and then the introduction of a speaker by Anna-Marie Dona Telle. For a few moments I looked around to see who she was talking about. She was introducing the speaker – Moa! I got miked (I know this is not the right word) and I resumed stage. And then I ‘gooeied’ (poured out). It was ….. I’m trying to find a word to describe it – great…no, fantastic…no, amazing…no… well…! make a cocktail of these words and let me know what word you come up with please. I surprised myself. At the end of te talk I gave the women the opportunity to ask me questions… GEEEEES I’M BRILIANT… I answered them and oh…! the women were fulfilled. And then I introduced my surprise…I did my first public solo performance singing (which ever way round has to be, but you know what I mean) ….. and oh Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me life and keeping me alive… I had not rehearsed with the backing… It was ammmmaaaaazing..! I had so many people come talk to me, take pictures…. I knew right then, I am on the right path here. Thank you to the higher power for bringing into my life Giovanna Sartor – 1st Vice President of IWC, Maria-Gracia Martinengo – President of IWC, and thank you to my circle of friends for shaping me into the woman I am. Thank you Tumi and Thato for choosing me as a mother. I love you and you give me reason to be here. And also, Morgan Thomas, Larry Pearson and David Ure – guys I’m whaling…! Thank you for loving me and for your commitment to my life working. Basically ‘THANK YOU FOR KICKING MY ASS.’ I still don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground…!

The IWC is hosting a charity event ‘A Masque Ball’ on the 11th March. All the proceeds are going to an NGO – SHINE.

DESTINY DESIGN is developing as a program for public and corporate platforms. The talk is about recognising what holds you back in what you want, and about giving you tools to access your  power to DESIGN YOUR DESTINY.



How does this happen? I realise that I have been so scared of money. It has played out in a way that I work to have money to cover my budget and when I have a little extra, I get excited and think that I have accomplished something. Telling myself I accomplished something I spend the money on something I desire, mostly material things, or go out for dinner or drinks. I get gratitude because I can afford it, and the feeling at that moment is gooood…..!

Then I’ve had months when I don’t make enough money ro don’t make money at all, and then I go into a panic realising I won’t be able to cover my budget… the feeling is horrible, and I swear to myself at that moment that when I have enough, I will spoil myself. But ha…ha…ha…, maybe the laugh has been the retailers whom I buy the material stuff from, and the restaurant owners whom I give my money to for an expensive meal. Oh and by the way, I may take a drive somewhere, and getting there is another expense… and so it goes.

So I wake up this morning asking myself ‘Does my money run me or do I run it?’ The answer is that my money runs me. And hey…. I’ve had so many reasons and justifications and circumstances, and, and, and….Oh… to top it… guess what, my children have been learning the same pattern from watching this movie – my movie… They have learned that this is life, so they too just think of spending when they have money… NO let’s rephrase this… They too act on their desires which change like a weather report… and give their money to who the hell knows… Is this you in a way or another? Well…! To hell with that….! Thank you for my past experience… and thank you for this realisation, but this girl is now RESHUFFLING HER LIFE… To my money…’I WILL TELL YOU WHERE YOU GO’. By the way, I have a reminder that is playing like a record in my head…. ‘A 10th OF WHAT I EARN IS MINE’. Added to that…. To my desires….’THANK YOU FOR SHARING…’ I’m sure I will bump into the habit time and time again…but this girl is watching this behaviour. Now I move on…NEEEEEEXT…..!

2011 SO FAR

The year started on a great note. Where ever I go people are positive and optimistic about the year and decade ahead. What is positive for me is to hear people looking back and taking lessons from the past that has not worked, and looking forward to a future that holds both things that will work and that won’t work, and knowing  that there is something  positive to draw from it. My overall observation is that as humans we are getting to accept that some things will work and some won’t. For me this creates an outlook that we are open to life, and that we accep great and not so great things, which makes life a breaze instead of an effort and struggle.

The launch of Roxy Marosa Total Skin Health Care was the birth of a baby that has been brewing since 2003. The future of the product is one that will fulfill on the growth of Roxy Marosa Brand and people’s health and beauty.

I have been blessed to meet and make aquintances and associations with great people, and each day is fulfilling on a future so big for all of us including you the consumer of the brand.

Approaching March 2011, like you I am optimistic about great things and further developments!!!


Was the J&B Met ready for me or what….? I refuse to say the other way round. My son picked the outfit for me, where I actually could have dressed David Von Kittelburger… next time David.

This photo was taken by Ms Natalie Bekker. A work of art and expression of what she loves. Catch Natalie Bekker’s updates on Thank you Ms Bekker for a fantastic day on that day.


So yesterday is in the past, and another season has past. What do we have for the new season in what we all have been saying will be a good year?

It was my friend’s birthday party yesterday and I interacted with my great friends whom I love so much. We talked about stuff… some girl ta….lk, some parenting talk, some businessssss… I love my product and my friends expressed utmost respect for me taking such a plunge…. thank you, thank you, thank you, and I love you all…! lllots of rainbow cake entertained by a Regae band…  how appropriate..! And then the day ended really great.

My Italian friends treated us, as usual to a lovely meal at their home, and we talked politics…not that I have much to say about politics, but had a lot to say about the disempowerment of people and the cycle of the disempowerment…. I know this is a long way talking about KISSING MARCH …but please bear with me…. We spoke about Wrapers and how they do it, and respect was expressed for brilliant Wrappers – not the paper wrapers… Music Wrappers… JZ in particular and how he creates his music. DID YOU KNOW THE GUY DOES NOT WRITE HIS LYRCS…? And of course  he guy has valid reasons why. One my friends is reading his Biography and I was impressed about what she said was in it… I will read it soon.

I have to start this as a new paragraph, because this was my favourite. Talking about books, my other friend told me about a book he read – THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON by George S. Clason. From what he said I wanted the book immediately and he gave it to me. Well, I got home arounf 12:20 am and swore to read it before sleeping, even though I had early appointments. It was a mission to put the book down. What I read I have heard over and over and over again, from the Suzie Orman’s of this world. The book can be a challenge to read, but maaaaaan, I was engrossed in it, and of course I’m looking forward to continuing tonight. I finally put it down at 3:24am.

I thought I would be tired or need more sleep this morning but I was up before my alarm went off. I got up and put on my gym gear and worked out and did everything in time to make it for my first appointment, aaaaaannnd I was there 20 minutes early. This should tell you how ernegised I was and am still feeling. Briefly the book is about the simple principles of creating wealth.


I went to my bank and enquired about the best type of account to save money. I took this action taking from the book - A tenth of what I earn is MINE. Mine as in I don’t give it to anyone – not clothing store, Eskom, Gas station, Resteurant, Food store, or anyone whom I don’t have to. Of course I need to live and that is what I am begining to practice. Use what I NEED to use because I NEED it. And I’m training myself to deal with mydifferent  desires, which change like the weather and, I will most likely have untill I die. So as I KISS MARCH, I am rewarding myself every time.

Get the book and read it. If it inspires you as it is inspiring me, then join me on this journey.




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